City_Hall_with_FountainHibbing is organized as a Statutory City, operating under the Standard Plan with a weak mayor-council form of government consisting of an elected mayor, an elected clerk who serves as a voting member of the council, and five council members. The Mayor and Clerk are elected at large and Council members are elected under the Ward System. City Boards and Commissions are made up of city officials, city employees and community members.

Mission Statement

The Hibbing City Council and its Boards,Commissions and Staff are committed to provide a community environment that is managed in an effective, accountable and efficient manner.

Further, we shall enhance that quality of life which characterizes our community by providing Hibbing’s residents with the amenities that make it a desirable place to live, work and play.

We are the people-oriented organization that will reflect the highest standards of public services consistent with the trust and responsibilities given us. We strive to inform all residents of public issues and listen to their concerns for consideration in community policy. Because city government is its people, we are constantly striving for excellence and are committed to quality and professionalism in providing the best in public services to the citizens of Hibbing.

Vision Statement

Hibbing openly embraces growth and change. The people of Hibbing encourage enhancement of economic, educational and cultural opportunities by focusing their vision on: Character, Commitment, and Opportunity.

Character - Hibbing radiates a sense of pride, mutual respect and a spirit of togetherness. We celebrate the richness and diversity of our cultural and ethnic heritage. Known for our friendliness and hospitality, the cooperative spirit among community members, business leaders and government propels Hibbing into the twenty-first century and beyond.

Commitment - Hibbing provides quality community services, and places a priority on the safety and security of its citizens as well as upkeep of its buildings, parks and transportation system. We provide appropriate housing and preserve our historic and established neighborhoods. Building on its strengths, Hibbing sustains a thriving business community and diverse economic base. The community stresses the importance of job creation and business retention, continual job training and life-long learning. Hibbing maintains its clean environment and preserves the City’s beauty and quality of life.

Opportunity - Hibbing provides choices and diverse opportunities for all community interests including education, business, government, health care, recreation, leisure and the arts. Citizens participate in an open honest and responsive government process. We interact globally through our advanced technological systems. Hibbing is alive and thriving as a regional force. Its people work together in a cooperative spirit to take ownership in their community and their region.