City Permits and Applications

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All applications and permits require Council approval, submit your applications to:

City Council Office
401 East 21 Street
Hibbing, MN 55746

  1. City of Hibbing Background Check Form
  2. City of Hibbing Block Party Application
  3. City of Hibbing Kennel License
  4. City of Hibbing Liquor License
  5. City of Hibbing Mechanical Amusement Device License Renewal
  6. City of Hibbing Message Therapy License Application
  7. City of Hibbing Pawn Broker License Application
  8. City of Hibbing Peddler or Transient Merchant Application
  9. City of Hibbing Raffle Request Application
  10. City of Hibbing Sandwich Board Permit Application
  11. City of Hibbing Second Hand Goods Dealer Application
  12. City of Hibbing Solicitor Application
  13. City of Hibbing Special Events Permit Application
  14. City of Hibbing Taxi Cab License Application
  15. City of Hibbing Temporary Beer License Permit
  16. City of Hibbing Temporary Liquor Community Festival License


Liquor Licenses:

For information about Liquor, Beer and Wine Licensing & Regulations See Chapter 5 of City Ordinances.

For more information on Caterers' Event Liquor Licenses; Liquor, Wine or Club License Renewal; 2:00 a.m. Liquor License; On Sale Liquor License; 3.2% Liquor license; or Sunday Liquor License; or Retailer's Card for Liquor and Wine view website on Minnesota Department of Public Safety for section titled "Apply for a Liquor License". 

Other Applications: