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Acoustic Bob Dylan: his music styles and guitar techniques. By Joel S. Gilbert.  Washington, D.C., Happy Dog Books, 1990.

Alias Bob Dylan.  By Stephen Scobie.  Red Deer, Atlanta, Red Deer College Press, 1991.

Alias Bob Dylan revisited by Stephen Scobie, Alias Bob Dylan. Calgary : Red Deer Press, 2003

Are You Ready for the Country.  By Peter Doggett.  New York, Penguin Books, 2001.

Bargainin' for salvation : Bob Dylan, a Zen master?  by Thomson, Elizabeth, 1957- New York : Continuum, 2009.

Bible In The Lyrics Of Bob Dylan.  By Bert Cartwright.  1992.

Bob Dylan: blottingpaper man.  By Ben Cruickshank.  Great Britain, Agenda Ltd., 1995.

The Bob Dylan encyclopedia by Gray, Michael, 1946- New York : Continuum, c2006.

Bob Dylan: escaping on the run.  By Aidan Day.  Bury, Lancashire, Wanted Man, 1984.

Bob Dylan: from a hard rain to a slow train.  By Tim Dowley and Barry Dunnage.  New York, Hippocrene Books, 1982.

Bob Dylan: man in the long black coat.  By Ben Cruickshank.  Great Britain, Agenda Ltd., 1995.

Bob Dylan : performing artist : 1960-1973, the early years   by Williams, Paul, 1948 - London ; New York : Omnibus Press, c1994.

Bob Dylan: performing artist: the middle years, 1974-1986.  By Paul Williams.  Novato, CA, Underwood-Miller, 1992.

Bob Dylan revisited. by Dylan, Bob, 1941- New York : W.W. Norton, 2009

Bob Dylan: watching the river flow: observations on his art-in-progress, 1966-1995.  By Paul Williams.  London & New York, Omnibus, 1996.

Bob Dylan's Words: a critical dictionary and commentary.  By Richard David Wissolik.  Greensburg, PA, Eadmer Press, 1994.

Chimes of freedom : the politics of Bob Dylan's art by Mike Marqusee, New York : New Press, 2003

Conclusions On The Wall: new essays on Bob Dylan.  Edited by Elizabeth M. Thomson.  Manchester, Thin Man, 1980.

Counting Down Bob Dylan: His 100 finest songs. By Jim Beviglia Lanham, MD., Scarecrow Press, 2013, 2012.

Cracked Bells: a guide to Tarantula.  By Robin Witting.  Scunthorpe, Exploding Rooster Books, 1993.

A Darker Shade of Pale: a backdrop to Bob Dylan.  By Wilfrid Mellers.  New York, Oxford University Press, 1985.

Dylan Companion. Edited by Elizabeth & David Gutman.  New York, Delta Books, 1990.

Dylan to English dictionary by Weberman, Alan J. [South Carolina] : BookSurge ; New York : In conjunction with Yippie Museum Press, 2005.

Dylan's visions of sin by Christopher B. Ricks, New York : Ecco, 2004

Formative Dylan:  transmission and stylistic influences, 1961-1963.  By Todd Harvey.  Lanham, Maryland, Scarecrow Press, 2001.

Gospel According to Bob Dylan by Michael J. Gilmour, Westminster John Knox Press, 2011.

Highway 61 revisited : Bob Dylan's road from Minnesota to the world  by Sheehy, Colleen J. (Colleen Josephine), 1953-, Swiss, Thomas, 1952-Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2009.

I Just Write 'Em As They Come: an annotated guide to the writings of Bob Dylan.  By Tim Dunn.  Painesville, OH, Not-A-Ces, 1990.

Invisible Republic: Bob Dylan's basement tapes.  By Greil Marcus. New York, Holt, 1997.

Isaiah On Guitar: a guide to John Wesley Harding.  By Robin Witting.  London, Valis, 1991.

Jokerman: reading the lyrics of Bob Dylan.  By Aidan Day.  New York, B. Blackwell, 1988.

Just A Personal Tendency.  By Dave Percival.  England, X-Asity, 1985.

Like a rolling stone : Bob Dylan at the crossroads, by Marcus, Greil

Outlaw Blues: a book of rock music.  By Paul Williams.  New York, Pocket Books, 1970.

Performed Literature: words and music by Bob Dylan.  By Betsy Bowden.  Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1982.

Performing Artist: the music of Bob Dylan. By Paul Williams.  Novato, CA, Underwood-Miller, 1990.

Prophecy In The Christian Era: a study of Bob Dylan's work from 1961 to 1967, emphasizing his use of enigma to teach ethics, and comparing him to Dante Alighieri and other poets.  By Jenny Ledeen.  St. Louis, Mo., Peaceberry Press of Webster Groves, 1995. 

A simple twist of fate : Bob Dylan and the making of Blood on the tracksby Andy Gill, Kevin Odegard, Cambridge, MA : Da Capo Press, 2004

Some Other Tendencies.  Compiled by Dave Percival. England, X-Asity, 1985.

Song & Dance Man III: the art of Bob Dylan.  By Michael Gray. London & New York, Cassell, 2000.

Studio A : the Bob Dylan reader / edited by Benjamin Hedin, by Hedin, Benjamin

Tangled up in the Bible : Bob Dylan & Scripture by Michael J. Gilmour.  New York : Continuum, c2004.

The Tarantula In Me: a review of a title.  By Craig Karpel.  San Francisco, Klonh, 1973.

Under the re(a)d sky.  By Stephen Scobie. (a pre-publication excerpt from Alias Bob Dylan).

Visions Of Johanna.  By Stephen Scobie.  (limited edition of 150 copies).

Voice Without Restraint: a study of Bob Dylan's lyrics and their background.  By John Herdman.  New York, Delilah Books, 1982.

Writing Dylan : the songs of a lonesome traveler by Smith, Larry David.