Garbage pickup: (218) 362-5942
Recycling: (218) 362-5944
Billing:  (218) 262-3486 ext 711

Appliance and Furniture Disposal

Disposal stickers for the following items are available at City Hall in the Clerk's Office for $12.00 including tax.

  • APPLIANCES: One $12.00 tag per appliance, including stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators (doors must be removed), washers or dryers, freezers (doors must be removed), water heaters, microwave or toaster Ovens
  • FURNITURE: One $12.00 tag per 200 pounds, including chairs, tables, living room furniture, etc.
  • BEDS: mattresses and box springs require 1 tag EACH. (By County order)
    MISCELLANEOUS REFUSE: One $12.00 tag per 200 pounds (bagged) and LESS than 1 cubic yard. Do not use "blue bags". Includes "Spring Cleaning", refuse, carpet, cabinets, etc.

Place your item as near as possible to your regular garbage pick-up point curb-side or alley. Have items in place for pick-up by the next day after purchasing your sticker.

Bulk Refuse Container Use

The City of Hibbing will deliver a bulk refuse container to your residence or commercial site for the disposal of construction debris and bulk waste. Three to six cubic yard containers are available.

Containers will be placed as conveniently as possible in a location that can be accessed by the Sanitation Truck. Once placed, the containers cannot be moved. Containers are delivered in the afternoon on Monday through Friday.

FEES: You pay for each cubic yard of refuse you put in the container. $34.08 per cubic yard for residential customers and $36.27 per cubic yard for business customers (tax included). Your deposit of $102.24 goes towards the first 3 cubic yards of refuse. Additional refuse charges are put on your Public Utilities invoice. There is a minimum charge of 3 cubic yards.

A rental fee of $5.00 per day is charged for each day of container use over five business days.

Items that can be put in the container:

  • Refuse
  • Garbage and construction debris (see restrictions below)
  • Paint cans with the lids off and the paint dried on the inside CAN be put in the container.

Do not put these items in the bulk container:

  • Tires
  • Fluorescent bulbs or ballasts (non-commercial, 4 ft.)
  • Yard debris such as brush, grass clippings, trees and branches
  • Appliances
  • Auto batteries
  • Hazardous waste
  • Wet paint
  • Large quantities of cement
  • Mattresses
  • Box springs
  • Computer monitors
  • Televisions.

Garbage disposal sites

You may haul your bulk garbage yourself to the County Landfill site. You will be charged based on the volume or weight of material you bring in. Payment is by check or solid waste coupon. Coupons are available at the County Courthouse or from vendors around the county. For coupon sales locations and garbage disposal sites near you call 1-800-450-9278.

The St. Louis County Landfill is located on Landfill Road north of Highway 169, west of Hibbing. A toll free number is available to you if you have questions - 1-800-450-9278. Hours are Monday-Friday - 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

St. Louis County residents may drop off LIMITED quantities of several household items FREE. These items are then recycled and include:

  • Appliances - 2 per load, $8.00 charge for additional appliances. Remove doors from refrigerators and freezers.
  • Tires - 4 per load, non commercial tires
  • Batteries - Automobile batteries are accepted at the St. Louis County Landfill also, some places that sell car batteries will take used ones for recycling. Button batteries should be taken to a camera or jewelry store for recycling. Rechargeable batteries should be brought to a RadioShack store, a hardware store near you if they have a collection program, or to a Household Hazardous Waste collection. Regular alkaline batteries are not recyclable at this time and should be thrown in the trash.
  • Fluorescent bulbs - 4 ft or less in length (4 per load) - It is illegal to put fluorescent lights in the garbage. 

CAUTION: Breaking fluorescent tubes can expose you to mercury vapor. Up to four 4-foot fluorescent lights from households are accepted at several County Solid Waste sites free of charge. For information on these sites and what to do with other shapes and sizes of fluorescent bulbs, call 1-800-450-9278.