The HPD is involved with several community wide programs to make Hibbing safe for children, families, and the whole community.

Minnesota Office of Justice Programs

The Directory of Crime Victim Service Programs in Minnesota is a listing of government and non-profit organizations that serve crime victims which includes information about victim and witness protection and rights, crime victim reparations, emergency funds, training and communication.

Bicycle Patrol

The Bicycle Patrol program was established with two basic goals in mind. The enforcement of the laws of the State of Minnesota and City Ordinances of Hibbing as they relate to the quality of life issues within the business areas, parks, and common areas of the city of Hibbing; and to promote community relations between the public and the police department by placing bike officers at a level that HPD feels is more approachable to the average person within the community.


The Hibbing Police Department (HPD) currently has two officers certified to teach the D.A.R.E. curriculum. The DARE program is a 17 week program that teaches youth about the dangers of doing drugs and gives them the skills to say "no."

National Child Safety Council

The HPD works directly with the National Child Safety council and local businesses to educate our children through safety training, posters, and educational brochures, which are purchased through the National Safety Council with contributions from local businesses. The materials are distributed and utilized at the local elementary schools and supplied by School Liaison Officer Greg Benedict . Adolescent and adult information on safety, personal health, and dangers of drugs and alcohol are included.

Safety Town

Each summer the HPD takes part in the local Safety Town to allow your children to become more familiar with police officers and their equipment.

Community Liaison Officer

Effective community policing has a positive impact on reducing neighborhood crime; helping to reduce fear of crime and enhancing the quality of life in the community by combining the efforts and resources of the police, local government and the community.

The Hibbing Police Department works cooperatively with Independent School District 701 to provide law enforcement services to the student population and staff of the school district.

Safe & Sober

The HPD participates in the safe and sober program, a federal grant program designed to educate the motoring public, youth and adult. The grant focuses on speed reduction, seat belts, and DUI Enforcement.

Alcohol Compliance Checks

This program, in cooperation of the Hibbing Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, is targeted at curbing the problem of underage purchasing of alcohol in our community by working with establishments, owners, and employees through enforcement, education and training.

Drug Enforcement

HPD is fully committed to stopping the sale of illegal drugs in our community. HPD employs a full time officer who works directly with county, state, and federal agencies.

Tobacco Compliance Checks

Conducted by the Hibbing Police Department annually and mandated by the State of Minnesota, the program targets curbing minors purchasing tobacco products in our community by working with establishments, owners, and employees through enforcement, education and training.

Predatory Offenders Program

A tracking program for predatory offenders in the City of Hibbing. The Hibbing Police Department works directly with the Hibbing Probation Department; BCA - Burea of Criminal Apprehension (Predatory Offenders Unit); and the DOC - Department of Corrections in this program.